Elevated Elements is in the business of helping you save money and in the process, helping the environment.


At Elevated Elements, we specialize in Dealership Lighting Optimization.
However, our full range of services across all industries include:


We provide an in-depth evaluation of your facility, and the grounds, to give you a complete and comprehensive idea of how much money you could be saving with our innovative, energy-efficient solutions.

Energy Audit

We conduct a detailed walk-through, taking inventory of your existing equipment, measurements (light level & dimensions), in order to determine where you are losing money, and how we can save you even more.

Engineering & Design

We work alongside engineers and architects to provide you with customizable lighting layouts, lighting specs, and even walk you
through the process of submitting for government rebates.


We pride ourselves on not only being able to design an energy solution that is perfect for your needs, but also on connecting our clients with expert resources for project management and installations.

Lighting Retrofit

Once you’ve decided on a plan of action, our expert associates supply and install the energy-efficient equipment you’ve chosen from the options provided in the audit presentation.

The professionals at Elevated Elements are ready to help you cut costs to your business with the use of energy-efficient LED lights and lighting controls, coupled with more efficient and cost-effective building automation.


Removing the statement “It’s not my job” because IT’S OUR JOB!

We offer Premium Client Care Support to ensure you get the results planned for you and
that it is adding value to your business… AT NO EXTRA COST!

Elevated Elements is a trusted and respected resource for High-End Energy Service Integration
We offer consulting on specific lighting solutions for various industries, including:

Dealership Light Optimization

Putting an energy-efficient shine on your best rides is a quick way to drive up sales. Enrich the Colours and Details of the vehicles in your showroom and on your lot with premium lighting fixtures.

Property Management Efficiency Lighting

Comprehensive lighting designed to provide maximum lighting levels for increased safety and security. Reduce insurance costs and liability while keeping electricity bills low and minimizing additional maintenance.

Retail Enhancement Lighting

Put a spotlight on your merchandise, making each product look richer, brighter, and more vibrant than your competition.

Start saving money on energy-efficient lighting now!


We offer lease opportunities that allow you to make your investment 100% tax-deductable,
increasing your savings and adding to your bottom line.


The energy experts at Elevated Elements have designed a proven 5 Step System
that will help reduce your hydro bills by up to 75% and also decrease your
maintenance expenses significantly.

01 Consultation.

We give you a comprehensive idea of how much money you could be saving withour innovative, energy-efficient solutions.

02 Audit.

We perform a detailed audit, evaluating your current equipment and setup, based on what’s best for your facility and usage needs.

03 Engineering.

Based on the unique energy needs of your business, our consultants will outline several equipment upgrade options for you to choose from.

04 Installation.

We work with the right professionals to ensure the installation of the new equipment is completed with specialized care.

05 Maintenance.

We schedule regular visits to make sure everything is continuing to work as planned and that you are happy with the savings you are seeing.


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