Vinyl Windows was founded over 30 years ago, and the increase in demand forced them to move to a larger facility a few years back. The lights on the production floor used a lot of electricity, always being repaired and the bad lighting created a poor work environment. Using our Lighting Optimization System, Vinyl Windows was able to reduce the electricity bills by 77% and improve the quality of light in the plant by 51% for a more productive work environment.

The Client

This customer (Vinyl Windows) has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of residential Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors and Patio Doors in Canada. Their 200,000 sq. ft. multi-million dollar facility has grown to support sales internationally. They offer high-quality energy-efficient products that are leading-edge making it easy to keep a comfortable temperature in homes and offices.  

The Challenge

The lighting was causing a few challenges for the company. The old lights are expensive to run creating big electricity bills and high maintenance expenses.  While the spotty lighting throughout the plant was affecting the mood of the employees and slowing production on the floor.

The Solution

Vinyl Windows realized they needed a solution that could help them improve productivity and reduce expenses. That’s where Elevated Elements came in. Using our Lighting Optimization System, the CFO was able to see what proper lighting looked like with their custom layout plans. They could hear the cha-ching from the savings they would benefit from and feel safe knowing there weren’t going to be any surprises throughout the process. 

Main Metrics

$857,731 savings over 10 years after

77% reduction on their electricity expenses & zero maintenance for 5 years.

The old lighting was costing a lot of money not only with electricity bills but the constant replacement of lamps and ballasts.  The plant floor was in disarray with electricians and lifts disrupting the space, disrupting the workflow and the spotty horrible lighting making it an unproductive plant. 

The Results

After completing the LED lighting retrofit the crew on the production floor were so happy and they could instantly see how the new lights improved the work environment. The drastic drop in the electricity bills made it clear to the CFO that they should have upgraded their lights sooner. With the increase in cash flow, they were able to spend on more improvements and invest in other areas. 

Improved Light Quality. More even light distribution

High Energy Savings. 77% electricity reduction

Reduced Maintenance. No maintenance for at least 5 years.

More Productive Plant. Workers are happy and more efficient/effective.

Vinyl Windows didn’t just improve light levels or reduce expenses a little, they blew their initial plans out of the water and are well on their way to saving $1M. This means they’re better able to invest, be more innovative and continue to be a leader. 

How would you like to reduce your electricity bills by 77%? Contact us today to see what our Lighting Optimization System can do for your business.

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