Have you ever purchased a product that you’ve regretted buying?  

If you have, you’re not alone. I know I have.  

How frustrated would you be?  

I’m going to talk to you about Paula, someone referred to me who experienced the same problem. How she saw the light and came out the other side of the tunnel.  

Walking up to Paula’s dealership you could tell they take good care of it. A newly paved and freshly painted lot, clean building and lighting retrofit completed inside and out.

The Dark Side to LED Retrofits

After small talk of getting to know and understand Paula, I asked why Dan referred me to her.  

Paula stretched her left arm out, directing me to go through the door to my right.  

As I open the door and walk into a dim-lit mechanics shop, I knew something wasn’t right immediately.   A light level measurement, a few pictures, a quick count of the lights and back out of the shop I headed.

It was clear Paula knew the details of the lighting retrofit because of the answers she provided.  

They had seven LED high bays out. Five more fixtures with half LED diodes out. And none of them controlled with sensors or dimmers.  

The high bay lights burned out only nine months after the installation was complete. Yes, the fixtures had a manufacturer’s warranty but they rarely cover labour or lifts.   Sharing some critical information about LEDs and how our Dealership Lighting Optimization System protects auto dealers opened her eyes. Paula was quick to add, “I wish someone would have told us this before.”  

Reassuring Paula, I said, “I hear that all the time. And it’s happening more and more”.  

A Dealership Lighting Retrofit Redo

Paula and the executives finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. And they paid to have all the LED lighting in the shop redone with high-quality LED fixtures.  

Paula calculated, from the installation of the original lights to the lighting LED retrofit redo, they paid 5x what they budgeted. Not including the non-tangibles during the 35 months.  

If you’re feeling more upset after reading this because you went through this too, then it’s time to talk to somebody about doing it right the next time.

I’m opening up my calendar for you over the next few weeks just for this. Find a time that best suits you, and we’ll chat all things lighting so you can avoid ending up like Paula.

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