Partnership will allow auto dealerships to upgrade their energy and lighting systems, and save on energy costs

Elevated Elements is proud to announce our partnership with EnPowered, the on-bill payment platform for the energy industry, to help auto dealerships in Canada and the U.S. overcome capital barriers for energy-related projects, and facilitate the adoption of energy efficient technology. 

Through this partnership, our customers will be empowered to pay for energy-related upgrades directly through their electricity bill, using the savings generated by their new hardware to pay down the project cost. 

This will benefit our clients immensely – the process to finance energy-related projects has traditionally been a challenge, with many companies opting to pay for projects out of their capital budgets due to the complexities associated with securing financing. EnPowered provides a streamlined process, allowing customers to free up capital for other capital-intensive projects. 

“Our partnership with EnPowered will open up our solutions to a broader set of customers, and allow them to start saving more on energy,” said Ian Hendry, Founder and CEO at Elevated Elements. “Companies that wait to install lighting retrofits are missing out on considerable savings. With EnPowered, our customers will be able to start saving right away, and pay for their retrofit with a portion of the savings.”

With EnPowered Payments, payments and savings are placed on the client’s electricity bill, making energy upgrades simple and affordable for every size of auto dealership and business.

With charges and lighting savings bundled together on your electricity bill, you will gain a holistic view of their energy consumption and costs. This will make it easier for thousands of buildings in Canada and the U.S. to seamlessly participate in complex energy markets, capturing enormous savings and reducing emissions.

Learn more about how EnPowered will help our customers move their energy projects forward at 

About EnPowered
EnPowered is a pioneering cleantech company accelerating the adoption of innovative energy solutions. The company’s platform provides convenient on-bill payment to enable the acquisition of energy solutions with no upfront costs. The platform also simplifies complex energy markets to predict spikes in electricity prices, allowing customers to shift usage to save on average 48% on electricity costs while also reducing emissions. Additionally, EnPowered is building the Virtual Energy Movement, an ecosystem of like-minded companies that focus on the adoption of flexible energy assets to help the grid shift to renewables. Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, Canada, EnPowered is continually expanding its North American partner network of energy solution providers. For more information, visit

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