Elevated Elements is in the business of helping you save money and in the process, helping the environment.


Too many dealership owners don’t realize how critical Lighting Audits & Monitoring are to truly understand where your energy, and money, are being spent

Luckily, you found us!

Our specialists come to you for an in-depth evaluation of your facility, and the grounds,
to give you a complete and comprehensive idea of how much money you could be saving with
our innovative, energy-efficient solutions.

Find out how much money Elevated Elements can save you!

We are so committed to guaranteeing you optimal savings on energy, that we go the extra mile so you can experience the change!

We take the time to show you just how important a better lighting or hydro solution
is for your business.

See for yourself how the installation will work, and how the equipment will increase the perceived value of your inventory and dealership.


On average, it only takes less than 30 months for the money you save with more efficient energy solutions to cover the cost of the project!

Average Savings

Collective Data from Our Clients shows Elevated Elements is making a difference that could be saving you money. According to our clients, that means:

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Average Total Annual Savings

$ 0

Average Annual Electric Savings

$ 0

Average Rebate

$ 0

Estimated Savings over 5 years

$ 0

Estimated Savings over 10 years


As part of Elevated Elements Consulting Services, our experienced professionals will perform a detailed energy
audit of your current operating systems and facility. This includes:
Assessing your existing
lighting fixtures
Review of your current
energy expenses

Examining  your electrical
system and machinery

Our energy audit will also include measuring the efficiency of your facility in terms of:

Each point allows us to create an outline of where you can save, and how we can help you!


Elevated Elements does not believe in cookie-cutter solutions.
The equipment and the answers we come up with are tailored specifically
to your needs based on what we concluded from our extensive evaluation.

After we’ve completed a comprehensive energy audit, we will research
the best solutions and equipment available to find the right plan for your business.

Once you see the real impact, we offer short-term and long-term options for better energy solutions. We’ll show you the difference in savings and the return on investment.

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Your dealership is a profit centre, make it a greater powerhouse for profits.  You deserve it.