Case Study - Motion Endeavours

Elevated Elements is in the business of helping you save money and in the process, helping the environment.

Motion Endeavours saves $27,000 in annual energy costs with Dealership Lighting Optimization System from Elevated Elements


Motion Endeavours, a luxury car dealership in the Toronto area, has saved $27,000 in energy costs thanks to our Dealership Lighting Optimization System. Our system was able to optimize the lighting for each area of the dealership, resulting in more efficient lighting that uses less power. We’re proud to have helped Motion Endeavours save money and reduce their carbon footprint!

Motion Endeavours

“Elevated Elements provides a personal one-on-one service that’s rare to come by these days. I would highly recommend engaging Elevated Elements for all of your lighting requirements.”
– Joe Martino, Policaro Group


Policaro Group is an exclusive luxury automotive retailer based in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario that is known for excellence in customer satisfaction.

The auto group is currently the steward of four automobile franchises representing Acura, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, and recently added Land Rover Jaguar and Volvo.

The Policaro Group has built and operates around the single-minded dedication to customer service and the enduring belief in the value of strong relationships with customers, community and manufacturing partners.

They recently acquired Motion Endeavours a luxury used vehicle dealership and just purchased a new location.

Before moving into the new location they wanted to renovate and upgrade the facility to match their brand and style.


The new facility for Motion Endeavours dealership was not well lit, which made it difficult to work in. 

They needed proper lights and help getting rebates so they could cover the cost of these improvements!


Our dealership lighting optimization system made it easy to provide Motion Endeavours with the upgrades they needed.

The lighting layouts and drawings we provided gave them a feeling of safety and security knowing there wouldn’t get any surprises with this project.

The process from our Dealership Lighting Optimization System allowed them to focus on the things they do best.


In a single year, Motion Endeavours saved 73% on their annual energy bills and was able to collect over $17,000 in rebates for upgrades that we implemented through our Dealership Lighting Optimization System.

How would you like to reduce your electricity bills by 73%? Contact us today to see what our Dealership Lighting Optimization System can do for your business.