Case Studies

Elevated Elements is in the business of helping you save money and in the process, helping the environment.

Motion Endeavours saves $27,000 in annual energy costs with Dealership Lighting Optimization System from Elevated Elements​

Motion Endeavours, a luxury car dealership in the Toronto area, has saved $27,000 in energy costs thanks to our Dealership Lighting Optimization System. Our system was able to optimize the lighting for each area of the dealership, resulting in more efficient lighting that uses less power. We’re proud to have helped Motion Endeavours save money and reduce their carbon footprint!

Vinyl Windows has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of residential Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors and Patio Doors in Canada. Their 200,000 sq. ft. multi-million dollar facility has grown to support sales internationally. They offer high-quality energy-efficient products that are leading-edge making it easy to keep a comfortable temperature in homes and offices. In order to keep up with their production levels as well as satisfy customer needs safely, Vinyl Windows moved into a new larger facility a few years ago. The lights on the production floor used a lot of electricity, always being repaired and the bad lighting created a poor work environment.