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Elevated Elements is in the business of helping you save money and in the process, helping the environment.

Elevated Elements is in the business of helping you save money and in the process, helping the environment. Energy efficiency is not just about your bottom line, it is also about taking care of the planet we share, so working with Elevated Elements is a win for everybody.

Over the last 5 years, our team has helped dozens of businesses upgrade their energy and lighting solutions, generating thousands in savings for our clients while enhancing their showrooms, retail space and offices.

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Ian Hendry, Founder and CEO



I started my company to help auto dealerships and businesses alike make sure they get the right information.  Whether it’s consulting or lighting retrofits for dealership owners to know and feel they’ve made the right long term decision for their benefit. And I have the system implemented to better serve them and their profit. I’m not out there to sell the cheapest thing only to make the sale. It’s about doing the right thing and providing the right solution.

Ian Hendry, founder and CEO of Elevated Elements, started with the simple ambition of making a better financial future for his own family, and helping to improve the ecosystem of our planet.

Ian runs his business out of Toronto, Ontario and has built up a team of trusted specialists. As his family and his workforce has grown, he has worked hard to reinvest in the future of his community. Still, at the end of the day, Ian is a businessman, husband, and father trying to do right for his family, your business, and the planet we live on.


Ultimately, Ian built his business on core values he himself lives by.
Each of them is a pillar that holds up everything we’ve built with Elevated Elements:


Nothing we do is by accident. We move and we work with intent.


If we said it, we meant it. Our words and actions are one and the same.


No surrender! We follow through on every obligation.


Doing the right thing all the time isn't always easy, but we welcome the hard work.


Our team believes in accountability. That means we own our success and resolve the mistakes.


We prioritize being respectful of other people's time and property.

Let us show you how Elavated Elements can start saving you money
with quality lighting and cost-effective energy solutions.


The right kind of professional consulting and evaluation means having the right expertise
for each unique installation and service. Our list of certifications include:

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